Monday, August 31, 2009

Founding Deep Therapeutics

Hey guys, welcome to my new blog. As the founder and president of Deep Therapeutics, I'd like to welcome you to my effort to share what I am doing at Deep Therapeutics.

Deep Therapeutics started as an idea back in September 2006. Here's what I said about it back then:

I am now working on a business plan for a new company that I am calling Deep Therapeutics. The focus is technology that diagnoses and treats muscular trigger points, something that currently is done by hand.

I've blogged about a lot about trigger points. Resolving trigger points, of which many medical professionals are unaware, frequently requires the attention of a highly skilled practitioners of alternative therapies. You can resolve your trigger points yourself, but it takes a lot of knowledge and persistence. As with most conditions, patients that are proactive and get the right therapy make the fastest progress.

The plan is to create technology that aids the existing approaches, overcomes their shortcomings, lowers costs and speeds resolution. At the same time, these systems will create a consistent treatment experience, track patient progress and counsel patients on how to prevent recurrence

Three years have passed since this post, but the idea is essentially the same. The education I've been getting through the Founder Institute has really helped me accelerate the effort.

Adeo Ressi has assembled an excellent group of mentors, a lot of great material and 78 other intelligent, helpful founders that have really made the first semester a great success. I highly recommend looking it into if you have any entrepreneurial aspirations.